ZITTO, the natural mosquito repellent


"The visionary builds what dreamers imagine"

"Ours is an ethical choice, the direction that Beasy through Bway has taken over the last 3 years of research around the world and attending international trade fairs, is to do something against climate change and the effects that are becoming apparent on our planet. We would like there to be a more conscious use of pesticides, herbicides and all those chemicals that are currently used to solve one problem, causing many others that we have always underestimated and that are now the top priority".

Bway srl, a company of the Beasy group, has concluded an international agreement for a natural solution against mosquitoes, an innovative project that revolutionizes the current systems that are often fed by chemical products, which only partially solve the mosquito problem and in any case have strong contraindications for the environment, animals and people. The company Mosquito control Limited, based in Kiev, Ukraine, represented by Anastasya Romanova (CEO) and Olga Diachuk (COO at Mosqitter) has agreed with Bway the exclusive rights for Italy for the marketing and distribution of the machines that solve the problem once and for all, using only natural substances that respect the environment. On 20 July Beasy signed the international agreement at Confindustria and the following day the two partners Giovanni Lamberti (CEO) and Giuseppe Irranca (Founder and General Manager), accompanied by Jonathan Akingba (Beasy International relations), met in Rome the Ukrainian Ambassador H.E. Yaroslav Melnyk to inaugurate an initiative that will only be the forerunner for further future collaborations with the company that holds the Mosqitter patent. The openness towards mutual cooperation will allow us to work together on new projects dedicated to nature, which aim to be an important step towards the elimination of products that are harmful to the earth and to health, but also real effective and innovative solutions for our customers, who often suffer from the problem of mosquitoes, compromising their business. The solution is especially suitable for those who work outdoors: among other applications, the machine, which we will call Zitto - the natural mosquito repellent, can be installed in parks, public and private gardens, hotels, bars and restaurants, nursing homes and sports centres, but also in animal farms, where this problem often causes discomfort and requires the use of compromises that have unimaginable contraindications.

Our partners BWay Srl. are real patriots of Italy who take the mission to care about their nation, taking step for cleaner future and becoming part of the protection of planet by introducing ecological products like Zitto (smart eco-friendly mosquito control system). We are sure, our joint work on R&D, combination the core technology with advancements and great Italian design will lead to strong positions on the Italian market. The mosquito problem is growing threat, research of alternative to chemicals is another challenge. Definitely, it is right time to introduce ecological protection and monitoring of these dangerous creatures. We are grateful to Confindustry Italy and Ukrainian Embassy to Italy for the support in launching our joint work. We are deeply grateful to our partners BWay Srl.for sharing the vision and being strong team together in building culture of non-toxic approach to this important problem. We wish our partners in Italy success and are happy to proceed our fruitful cooperation!” (Olga Diachuk - COO at Mosqitter)