Bway srl - Signed the exclusive agreement for Italy with Mosquito Control Limited


The continuous search for environmentally sustainable solutions is the driving force behind Beasy. We said it in our corporate video and, to give more concreteness to this concept, we founded Bway srl, an ad hoc business unit created with the intent to select and offer products and services in harmony with the environment in the field of air and water treatment. With this in mind, we are particularly happy to announce that on Friday 16 April 2021 we signed an exclusive agreement for the Italian market with the Ukrainian company Mosquito Control Limited, owner of the patent for an innovative, all-natural solution to permanently eliminate the problem of mosquitoes. Numerous tests conducted during 2020 have confirmed the absolute effectiveness of the system.

Very soon we will be able to reveal the name of the product and its technical specifications. What will be the applications for which this product is indicated and the recommended period? The possible applications of the natural mosquito repellent are many: outdoor restaurants, hotels, sports centers and swimming pools, farms, nursing homes and hospitals, schools, public and private gardens, sports fields and many others. The product is effective at any time of the year because, due to climate change, the mosquito is present for many months, perhaps due to milder winters, as well as the level of humidity, both at night and during the day. What are the main features of the product? The product will be "Produced in Italy under license of Mosquito Control Limited" - engineered and manufactured in Italy - it will have constant assistance and the supply will include natural consumables. In case of malfunctioning, the product will be replaced at any time without any additional cost.

It will be available in three versions depending on the area of coverage, from the home version, suitable for small gardens, up to a large version that will have a diameter of action that exceeds 4000 square meters. The natural mosquito repellent does not require the use of chemicals and works perfectly even in adverse weather conditions. The comparative tests carried out by university research centers testify to an efficacy far superior to any other solution on the market.

Where to find the "natural anti-mosquito"? The sales channels will be mainly the commercial network of Beasy agents, the large-scale retail trade and e-commerce. We will give very soon more details about the commercialization that will be carried out with a formula aimed at giving maximum guarantee to the customer and without speculations on costs since the system will have an "imposed price". Its value will be determined with the most advantageous condition possible, to make it accessible to all and will guarantee, compared to the most commonly used systems, a cost reduction particularly interesting especially for civil and industrial solutions.

The future of the planet and its inhabitants is closely linked to man's willingness to take care of his environment and his ability to act proactively in this sense. Bway deeply believes in technology at the service of the environment and makes this a firm point in its strategy of growth and selection of projects to be developed. An important commitment that becomes an integral part of the company's mission and directs its choices. Follow Bway on the public channel of Telegram  and subscribe to the newsletter or ask for information in the contact form.