End of the protected market

Protection services are the supply of electricity and natural gas with contractual and economic conditions defined by the Authority ARERA, for small end customers who have not yet chosen a seller in the free market. The legislation has provided for the gradual transition from the protected market to the free market, foreseeing the dates from which price protection services will no longer be available: For all small businesses and some micro-businesses, for electricity supply service, the date is set for January 1, 2021 while for households it will be January 1, 2022. What happens from January 1, 2021 Starting from this date, companies with a committed power above 15 kW, which have not yet chosen a supply on the free market, will be served in the GRADUATE SERVICE by a supplier identified by the Authority and under the conditions established by it. In the FIRST PHASE, from January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, the customer will remain assigned to the same supplier of the service of greater protection with which he has the active user, but at the same conditions of the so-called PLACET offer and a price substantially unchanged except for the part of "energy costs". How the price is composed Energy expenditure: Procurement costs: Variable electricity price calculated on actual values of the wholesale price (PUN ex post) and cost of dispatching + Base levels of marketing and unbalancing costs: defined by the Authority before the auctions. + A single national price determined on the basis of auction prices Expenditure for transport and meter management: unchanged and similar to the free market Expenditure for system charges: unchanged and similar to the free market In the SECOND PHASE from July 1, 2021 onwards, customers who have not yet chosen their supplier on the free market will be assigned to an operator selected through territorial auctions. The contractual terms and conditions will still be those of the so-called PLACET offer, but with different marketing and unbalancing costs (defined by the Authority before the auctions) and a single national price determined on the basis of the auction prices. But there is a novelty in the country of extensions... (ANSA) - ROME, FEB 20 - New postponement of the end of the protected energy market: the Constitutional Affairs and Budget Committees of the House approved an amendment that keeps the market of greater protection for another year. The transition to the free market will therefore start on January 1, 2023. (ANSA)