Giuseppe Irranca

Founder and General Manager

As one of the founders of Beasy, I take pride in being straightforward, honest, empathetic and a creative thinker. My colleagues call me a visionary because of the way I approach innovation, technology new challenges.

My role in the business is in the marketing of the company and communicating with both our international clients and partners, this entails publishing of information and updating industry insiders as well as the general public about our innovative ideas both current and in the future. It is also important to me to take care of our social networking pages as this is and most direct way of getting our ideas, objectives and product information to the general public including prospective clients and business partners.

One of my other passions is photography, I just love how with the correct equipment you can create art in any situation, whether in black and white or in vivid colours each environment and situation I capture creates something unique that can be seen in many different ways.

Another passion of mine is the environment in all my years I have come to the conclusion that it is an imperative and moral duty of mine and ethical duty of Beasy to be a leader in using technology to improve the way our lives affect the environment both locally and globally, we all have to do something and because of this Bway was born our company dedicated to reaching that goal”.