From environmental consultancy to special waste management.

Beasy places as main priority on the scale of its values, full respect and protection of the environment, sustainability and the continuous search for innovative technologies that protect the ecosystem.

For this reason, a specific business unit has been created: Bway.

Thanks to collaboration agreements with reliable and constantly evolving partners, it has been possible to create a wide range of services designed for companies that will be able to improve their efficiency, contribute to sustainable growth and reduce, also significantly in many cases, management costs.

Let us emphasize:

  Environmental check up (emissions, water, air quality) and specific tests on request

Water activation systems that use the principle of hydrodynamic activation and allow to minimize the bacterial load, eliminate limescale and reduce the use of detergents (for domestic, civil, industrial and agricultural use)

Micro and nano bubble generation systems capable of improving, in civil and industrial applications, the oxygenation of water by increasing the cleaning and flotation capacity.

Air, water and soil treatment solutions thanks to products based on probiotic microorganisms that are not genetically modified (civil, industrial and agricultural applications)

Photovoltaic systems for thermal and electric self-production

All environmental services for businesses are created by combining compliance with regulations and the most advanced technical aspects.
Each customer has a dedicated Bway environmental consultant with whom he can develop a completely customized improvement and implementation plan for solutions.

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